Oil & Soil Newsletter February 2017


Dear Oil Tycoons,

we’re progressing very well with Oil & Soil. At the moment, one of our goals is to design a nice tutorial for people who want to play Oil & Soil the first time. Your tutorial mentor named John is a rich oil baron. He’s a fleabag and is very convinced of himself. He corresponds to the stereotype of a typical Texan. He has little or smooth hair and generally looks slimy. He is fat and holds a cigar in his hand or mouth. He likes to show his success. Thick, golden rings adorn his fat fingers. John is arrogant, foolish and fundamentally an unsympathetic character, who likes to treat you from above. He also likes to use a mocking language.

We sketched some first avatars for John, but what do you think is the best representation of John? Please vote here to choose your favorite: http://www.strawpoll.me/12424712

May the oil be with you,



Great Choice :slight_smile:
Did you draw them by yourself?



No, I would never be able to draw them in this quality :slight_smile: I’m more the developer guy
thx for your compliment - I will pass it to our artist Andre who sketched them



ok this was a very clearly voting, thanks for your votes: