Crimson Dragon Newsletter October 2018


Dear oil tycoons,

finally we have a new alpha build of Oil & Soil for you! For everyone interested in alpha testing, we provided our newest Oil & Soil V0.50. As always we’re curious about your feedback.

Here’s what we’ve changed in V0.50 since V0.46:

  • FIXED: removed the 3 hanging firefighters in the upper right corner (firefight minigame)
  • IMPROVED: added a “sell all” button on the oil selling screen
  • FIXED: when a month is forced to be over, the end of turn screen is now shown
  • IMPROVED: added a new buying stuff sound
  • IMPROVED: computer enemy is now faster in building the pipeline (pipeline minigame)
  • FIXED: some typos and text placings
  • IMPROVED: increased the dry out ratio
  • IMPROVED: beautified the end of turn screen (we hope you like it)
  • IMPROVED: added text explanations and improved animation sequence of player character

May the oil be with you,

Please PM me if you want access to our closed alpha forum.