Crimson Dragon Newsletter January 2019


Dear oil tycoons,

we wish you a happy new year! We have a new alpha build of Oil & Soil for you! For everyone interested in alpha testing, we provided our newest Oil & Soil V0.53. As always we’re curious about your feedback.

Here’s what we’ve changed in V0.53 since V0.50:

  • FIXED: background music now plays without interruption between screens
  • IMPROVED: integrated more newspaper articles
  • FIXED: pie charts in statistics now display correctly
  • FIXED: line graphs in statistics now display correctly
  • FIXED: text boxes for problems are filled with texts again; everything else really looks stupid :wink:
  • IMPROVED: background music main menu is only played once after quitting the current game - there can be only one! (greetings to Highlander!)
  • FIXED: detectives for 4 months can’t be ordered every month anymore
  • IMPROVED: added more sounds for sub menus
  • IMPROVED: added video options (changing resolution, switch full screen)

Please PM me if you want access to our closed alpha forum.

May the oil be with you,



Hi Thomas,

I would love to be able to access the test site and if you guys need more testers please let me know

With regards



@Daugbjerg: I’ve just given you access to the alpha forum. Thanks for joining the alpha test and have fun!



Awesome, thx :muscle::+1::facepunch::grinning: